Intelligent insight 
for a smarter grid


An intelligent energy management system designed for smarter, better and faster decisions.

Created for the world of IoT, Connected Grid collects internal and external data, performs real-time analytics and visualizes data in an intelligent top system that provides decision support for optimal operation, maintenance and planning of your grid. Cloud native, Connected Grid is built with the latest tools and technology. Connected Grid is scalable and robust, and designed to meet the challenges and opportunities a digital future brings.

TEA got a strategic partner to help save money and reduce environmental impact

“We were looking for a technology partner who understands public power, has the capacity to quickly and efficiently analyze Big Data to support these services, and has a desire to grow with us. eSmart Systems fits that role”

Joanie Teofilo, CEO at TEA

RIK gets intelligent insight

“The use of Connected Grid reveals that we have been basing our investments on the wrong estimates for years. Connected Grid enables us to make more accurate calculations. In addition, because we now automatically get the data we previously had to collect manually, it saves us a lot of time and effort”

- Morten Sjaamo, Project Manager at Ringeriks-Kraft Nett

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Transforming data into useful information is quickly becoming the most valuable asset a company can have. Our products are providing completely new ways of utilizing data, making decisions, saving resources and cost. We are changing the way energy companies operate.


Even though our products have the potential to greatly impact how our customers operate, changing business processes is hard. Our customer engagement journey is developed to ensure that our products have maximum impact in our customers' operations from day one.